Think Safety-Stop Scam and Fraud

Think Safety-Stop Scam and Fraud

Don’t Ignore this-or you may loss your hard earned money

Dear Friends, You all have bank accounts. But do you think are you safe? This is my first blog and I am going to make you aware how to do safe Banking practices.

In my blog I will share how fraudster commit fraud and at the same time I will make you aware how to protect yourself from fraud. Fraudster are now very active from many ways, from Gaming, online shopping to Share market trading. So get knowledge from our blogs and be safe..

So, lets start….

Story 1: Searching Contact number on Google/Bing.

Mr. Ramesh Purchased a mobile handset online. He paid money online. Mobile delivered on time and Mr. Ramesh enjoyed his new mobile phone. After a few days, he got some issue in his mobile. He searched “Customer care number” of the mobile company on Google. He got some result on Google containing customer care number. Mr. Ramesh called one of the number and told about the issue in mobile. The person on other side claimed Customer Care executive, assure him to help. After some time he called him and told about to verify the mobile Mr. Ramesh has to send SMS to a number like 92XXXXXX which the Customer care person had sent on his mobile. Mr. Ramesh got Convinced and sent the SMS. Now the person asked about his ATM card from which the payment was made. Mr. Ramesh Initially resisted but the customer care person asked that it is necessary for amount to be returned. Mr. Ramesh told his ATM card number and PIN. Now, the person told that his money will return within 24 hours and he cut the phone.

After few minutes, Mr. Ramesh got an SMS that his account has been debited with Rs. 5000/- Getting some doubt Mr. Ramesh called that customer care number again. The person received called and asked there was some technical problem so money deducted. He again assured that he will refund money within 24 hours. 

On next day Mr. Ramesh received SMS of Rs. 19,999/-, Rs. 29,999 and Rs. 11,999/- deduction form Bank account. Being in doubt, Mr. Ramesh called that customer care number again, this time that number was switched off and unreachable. Mr. Ramesh thought that he has shared the amount deducted because he shared ATM number. He visited branch and got the ATM blocked. Next day again SMS for 19,999/- and Rs. 5000/- deduction SMS received. Now Mr. Ramesh visited Bank and told all the incident. Bank looked the account statement and found that the transaction was done through UPI. Now the Bank done some internal process regarding fraud and asked Mr. Ramesh to lodge FIR. Mr. Ramesh lodged FIR and submitted the copy to Bank. Now the bank and cyber police department will check the issue and the process is tedious. Mr. Ramesh has to visit Branch again and again. May be in some cases fraud amount gets recovered but in some cases amount is not recovered. So it is better to be careful rather than getting in these type of fraud.ver


Fraud infographics

Now see what is the wrong steps and right steps to avoid any fraud.

Wrong Steps:-

  1.  Mr. Ramesh searches contact number on Google
  2. Mr. Ramesh Freezed ATM while transaction was happening through UPI
  3. He Send SMS as told by the fraudster
  4. For Receiving money no PIN or OTP required
  5. Mr. Ramesh did not inform bank when first transaction of Rs. 5000/- happened in the account.

The Right Steps:-

  1.  Never Search contact number on Google
  2. Always search contact number from official website.
  3. Don’t send SMS when any there is any type of issue.
  4. Never disclose ATM PIN or SMS to anyone

Almost all the banks have their contact number on their official page. Just use that number in case of any requirement. Also all the banks have facility to block account ADC transaction online. 

Know how to Block ADC transaction of your bank account in advance so that in case of emergency you need not to search the process.”

Thankyou guys, for reading this blogs. If you have any idea or story that can help public. Feel free to share us: Click here to share your blogs, we will bring another knowledge series till then be safe and secure digitally.

Wishing you digitally safe….

Safe Banking