Call Girl-Escort Booking Fraud

Call Girl-Escort Booking Fraud

Call Girl and Escort service booking website fraud


India has highest number of fraud in the name of call girl booking. People generally easily fall in trap of searching call girl and escort services and lost money. Now I am discussing how to avoid this type of fraud.

One day a young guy visited any new city. He searched for Escort services/Call girl booking on Google. A number of result appeared. Most of the website filled with fake profile. The website has also phone number that will redirect to Whatsapp of fraudster. Believe, these are fake websites. Here are the step by step of fraud:-

  1. You contacted one of the escort services through Whatsapp. 
  2. The person on the other side who is fraudster will send some beautiful girl photos downloaded from different site and ask to choose any one of them. 
  3. You select any one profile and reply. 
  4. Now fraudster offered very cheap price and asked to pay advance. 
  5. You paid advance thinking the amount is small. Here the young guy got trapped. 
  6. The fraudster will send any hotel name with location.
  7. You will reach location given by fraudster and will be asked to wait outside hotel.
  8. After 5-10 minutes the fraudster will call you and ask for payment of full amount as the girl is waiting.
  9. You will pay amount.
  10. After 5 minutes the fraudster will call you and ask that Hotel is asking for Security Money which will be refunded once you check out.
  11. Now you will pay Security money may be Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 10000/- thinking this will be refunded.
  12. Again after 5 minutes the fraudster will call you and ask that you need to provide addition 5000/- to Rs. 10000/- as he has to manage police. He will tell if Police doesn’t come he will refund the amount.
  13. You will again pay thinking it is safe.
  14. After 5 minutes the fraudster will ask you that the girl has come from far, he will meet only if you pay taxi fare. Again you will pay 1000/- for taxi fare.
  15. After that the fraudster will ask that Hotel is asking for Room rent. 
  16. You will pay again 5000/-
  17. After waiting for some time you will find no one came and the phone number of fraudster is switched off.
  18. You will contact to hotel reception and they will tell tell the truth that they have no knowledge about this.


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The step to avoid call girl/escort fraud

  1. Never search for call girl services on Google and click on untrusted website.
  2. If you have searched and contacted any one. Never pay any advance payment.
  3. If you are asked to pay online, clearly refuse by asking you will pay in cash.
  4. If you are asked any hotel location then contact hotel before.

How to deal with fraudster in the name of call girl.

  1. When the fraudster will send you photo of girls-Ask for Video call before going.
  2. When he send you location of any hotel- Ask about nearby areas as most of the fraudster search on Google.
  3. When he ask for payment-You ask you will pay after meeting in cash. This is the most important step never pay advance.
  4. Search for website authenticity. You can search on and enter website name to find how old the website is.
  5. Check number on true caller and report spam

The most important secret to identify the fraudster is when he ask for payment through Google Pay or Phone Pay. On Google Pay you will find actual Account name and how long the person is using Google pay. Check the same if you find the user is new avoid payment as fraudster regularly change Google pay

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