Friday, July 23, 2021


TheTeam of Digisafe India

The team of have vast experience in handling security issue related to financial transaction. We closely monitor bank guidelines related to preventation of the fraud. We also do in-depth analysis of the fraud and figure it out the reason. In most cases we have found that there is lack of knowledge towards safety of financial transaction. 

Though we have come to idea, to educate people financially and just by going through our blog people have become expertise in skipping fraud. Be it related to ATM Skimming, SIM swapping and remote connection of the phone, we cover everything. 

Our Idea is to make India digitally literate. Facilities provided by Banks and other financial institutions. 

We also cover what is the right steps and what is the wrong steps in doing financial transactions.

We have expert team from different Financial Institutions who have expertise in handling fraud, policy maker of the Banks regarding safety of transactions. Our team have also suggested to Cyber Security team for steps for handling fraud.

We will also help in knowing tools available for safeguarding Bank accounts.